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Hourly Contractor Invoice Template

An hourly contractor invoice is a form designed for a person hired on an hourly basis and lists charges for services they have performed. Use this form to collect payment if you are a contractor paid by the hour.

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What is an Hourly Contractor?

An hourly contractor is anyone hired for contract work on an hourly basis. Hourly contracting is dwindling as many contractors are now hired on a per-job basis. Still, certain entities may decide that it is in their best interest to hire and pay contractors by the hour.

When contractors are hired by job, the faster they work, the faster they finish, which allows them to quickly move onto another job. If a contractor is paid by the hour, the time it takes them to complete the job determines what they are paid.

Contractor Hourly Rate

Hiring a contractor at an hourly rate isn’t always cheap. In some cases, the work involves hard physical labor, such as lifting materials. In other cases, contractors are hired for their expertise in an industry and offer a valued service. As most employees are paid on an hourly basis, it’s important to know laws in your state regarding the hiring of a person—even if it’s a contractor—by the hour.

Service with Labor ($80 – $100+) – Any heavy lifting or service that puts a strain on the body will cost more money.

Service without Labor ($20 – $100+) – Depending on the skill level of the service needed, the pay should be based on what the average hourly pay is for an employee in that position, but slightly higher.

How Many Hours Can a Contractor Work?

If contractors are their own boss—which is usually the case—there are no state laws limiting the amount of time a contractor wishes to work. However, when hiring a contractor and creating a schedule, the hours should be reasonable. A good aim is to follow the standard hours of work, which are:

  • Monday – Friday
  • 8 Hours per day
  • 40 Hours per week



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