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Food Invoice Template

A food invoice allows restaurants, food delivery services, and businesses that process food to bill clients/customers after orders have been taken and delivered.

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What is a Food Invoice?

A food invoice is a billing document that can be sent to customers after food has been ordered. As food delivery becomes more popular by ordering through mobile apps and online, a food invoice allows a business to streamline food orders. Once complete, a food invoice can be exported on paper or electronically via Word, Excel, and PDF formats.

Helpful Tip:

Use a Catering Service Invoice when needing a method to request payment for making and preparing foods for large events (weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions).

How to Create a Food Invoice

Step 1 – Enter Food Items

A food item can be any type of prepared food. It can be a combo meal or even just a side order of dressing. Any food item that comes with a charge needs to be listed as a description. After completing the description, enter the cost per unit, number of units, and the total amount for that item.

Step 2 – Design Invoice

This is the easiest step as you will only need to perform this step once. You can safe the design of your food invoice for future use, that way you will not have to create it over and over again. Upload your logo using a .jpg or .png file. Then enter the name and address of your business.

Step 3 – Finalize and Send

Finalize the total amount. Include any discounts and the taxes to the amount total. Before sending, make sure the billing date, client’s info, and the invoice number are all correct.

Top Searched Foods (Near Me)

Business that serve any of the following foods will want to consider incorporating a food invoice to help produce a more efficient workflow when processing food orders. These are the top foods that people search on their devices (phone, computers) when looking for food services in their area.

  1. Chinese Food
  2. Mexican Food
  3. Thai Food
  4. Healthy Food
  5. Indian Food
  6. Asian Food
  7. Italian Food
  8. Vegan Food
  9. Fast Food
  10. Good Food
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