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Commercial Photography Invoice Template

The commercial photography invoice is for the professional method of capturing, editing, and providing the finished product of images to be used for commercial purposes. Online retail stores that desire unique product images most commonly seek out commercial photographers, although this invoice can be used for any commercial photography job.

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What is Commercial Photography?

Photography helps millions of businesses sell and promote products, services, and people. In fact, most photographs are used commercially. The only type of photography not used for commercial purposes are photos taken for personal use, such as selfies and family photos. However, even selfies can be considered commercial photography as they are seen by a wide audience (typically on social media). Almost all types of businesses need some form of commercial photography to build a professional and appealing response to themselves and their products.

Commercial Photography Jobs

To be a commercial photographer, an individual needs to have an exceptional understanding of their equipment (camera, lighting, lenses, locations/backgrounds) and photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. The editing process is equally important as taking the photos. Most commercial photography jobs require the candidate to possess the ability to do the following:

  • Leading a team
  • Delivering digital photography and video
  • Location scouting
  • Model casting
  • Budgeting a shoot and signing contracts

Commercial Photography Contract & Pricing

A contract between a photographer and their client should always be signed prior to a shoot. A thorough contract offers a photographer legal and payment protections and sets out a working relationship that both parties should be able to adhere to and understand. In addition, a contract will set into place three (3) major needs: job description/project road map, photography licensing rights, and the cost (and penalties if either party defaults).

Commercial photographers offer hourly, day, and project rates for businesses. Day and project rates depend on the services provided, such as if the deliverables include editing or additional photographers. The current hourly rates for professional commercial photographers run anywhere from $100-$400 per hour, with the average sitting around $150/hr.

Commercial Photographer Salary & Hourly Pay ($/hr)



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