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Physical Therapy Invoice Template

A physical therapy invoice is a form detailing the services provided by a physical therapist and the total cost incurred by the patient. If the patient’s health insurance partially covers a visit, detail which costs (copayment) are out-of-pocket.

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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy (PT) is the practice of helping people to recover from pain or injuries and returning them to normal movement through controlled exercise and massage therapy. When a person is unable to do normal activities, such as walking, stretching, bending over, or sitting straight, a physical therapist is needed.

Some of the most common patients seeking physical therapy are those that have recently had surgery. Normally, orthopedic or other doctors will instruct the patient to see a physical therapist to aid in quicker recovery. The first step in a physical therapy appointment is assessing a person’s movement. Depending on the patient’s recovery goals and the reality of achieving those goals, the physical therapist’s job is to put a plan of recovery in action.

Physical therapists work/operate in the following places:

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Fitness centers
  • Hospitals
  • Inpatient rehabilitation centers
  • Homes (private)
  • Schools
  • Hospices
  • Nursing Houses

Physical Therapy Cost

When a doctor gives a physical therapy order to a patient, making the need a medical necessity, the majority of the cost can usually be picked up by the patient’s health insurance plan (unless the physical therapist themselves do not accept insurance). By calling your health insurance company, they can tell you exactly what is covered and how much your out-of-pocket expenses will be. The cost of physical therapy widely varies depending on the specialty of the need, as the spectrum of care can go from infants (pediatric) to helping older people (geriatric). Those who suffer from neurological (brain trauma) and require long-term physical therapy care will end up paying more than someone who needs periodic care for a sports injury. On average, visits run from $50-$200, but if you have insurance, most or all of the visit may be covered.

Physical Therapy Near Me

The top three (3) national physical therapy providers are as follows:

Use your health insurance portal to find a physical therapist near you that is covered by your insurance plan. To find a complete list of physical therapists in your area, use Google Maps.

Physical Therapy Salary and Hourly Pay ($/hr)

There are currently over 228,000 physical therapists employed in the US. The highest-paid physical therapists work in Nevada (#1), Alaska (#2), and New Jersey (#3). (Source: BLS)

PercentileHourly Wage/PayAnnual Salary
Bottom 10% $29.03 $60,390
Bottom 25% $34.94 $72,680
50% (Median) $42.27 $87,930
Top 75% $49.29 $102,530
Top 90% $59.30 $123,350



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