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Process Server Invoice Template

A process server invoice is paid by a person or court to deliver documents to the other party related to legal proceedings. The process server’s duty is to oversee that individuals receive specific documents related to imminent or pending judicial action.

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What is a Process Server?

A process server acts as a legal representative of a court to properly hand-deliver legal documents to defendants and petitioners involved in judicial action. The process server is required to act as a fair party in accordance with the rules and regulations of the court jurisdiction. At the time of the legal documents being delivered, the process server will require the identification and signature of the person accepting the papers.

Who Pays a Process Server?

The party asking the papers be served is who pays. The receiving party, more often than not, does not pay for the process server.

How Much does a Process Server cost?

The cost for a process server to deliver legal papers depends on the jurisdiction of the court. Some courts charge as little as $20 while others charge as high as $150.

Is a Process Server Licensed?

Yes. Process servers are licensed within the court jurisdiction and must receive a certification from the local court. Most courts have an “opening period” once per year where they accept new applicants to be process servers. There usually is an application along with the requirement the applicant undergo a criminal background check and receive a certificate of good standing from their local Sheriff’s office.

The court may have a test about the duties and obligations of a process server or may only distribute materials and guidelines for the individual to learn on their own.

Surety Bond

Every process server is required to obtain a surety bond at the time or after getting licensed. The bond is set up as insurance for the court jurisdiction so that if the process server does not deliver the papers in accordance with court rules that the bond will cover most damages. The bond is not usually more than $10,000.

Process Server Salary & Hourly Pay ($/hr)

Salary: N/A

Hourly Rate: $16.83/hr (source: PayScale)

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