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Quote Invoice Template

A quote invoice (also called a “sales quote”) is a document used for providing potential clients with the total monetary cost that they can expect to pay for a product or service. It is most commonly used for services that incorporate variable material costs that are heavily dependent on the client’s specific request or project.

A quote, in comparison to an estimate, is the final, true cost that a client would be required to pay. Before a quote is issued, a company will conduct an in-depth breakdown of the work that would have to be done, what parts or materials would need to be ordered, and the required mark-up to allow for sufficient profit. An estimate, on the other hand, is rough and does not need to represent the final cost to the client.

What should be included in a Quote?

A quote is structurally similar to an invoice and requires much of the same information. It is recommended that a company issue multiple quotes to convey different options for the client. This can include adding/removing services or altering the payment terms. Small businesses and contractors should be sure to include the following information in a professional quote:

  • A breakdown of each cost
  • The parties contact information
  • A quote number for tracking jobs
  • Work beginning & end dates
  • Time to respond to the quote (example: “Must be accepted within three (3) days”)
  • Payment terms (e.g “Net thirty (30)”)
  • Accepted payment method(s)
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