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Handyman Invoice Template

A handyman invoice is a document used for establishing a payment obligation on behalf of an individual that requested the work of a handyman. The document is similar to a conventional bill, but it is more official and contains a comprehensive breakdown of what was charged to the customer and why.

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What is a Handyman?

A handyman is a loose term for describing a male or female that has a working knowledge of many home-repair related tasks and services. Also called a “fixer,” a handyman can be a licensed contractor that is professionally trained in one (1) or more home repair services, such as carpentry, roof repair, plumbing, or electrical work. Moreover, the term can refer to an individual that is simply proficient in working with their hands.

Common Handyman Services

The services a handyman offers are solely dependent upon their knowledge and preferences. However, for those looking to market themselves as a handyman-for-hire (or looking to create a handyman company) at the very least should have an understanding of how to complete the most commonly-requested home repairs. A few of the most common home-repair tasks include:

  • Painting/drywall repair
  • Appliance installation
  • Grouting
  • Sink, faucet, toilet, bathtub installation + repair
  • Molding & trimming
  • Insulating
  • Pressure washing
  • Home exterior repairs
  • Decks + porches
  • Non-complicated plumbing work

Finding a Handyman Near Me

To find a local handyman, it’s all about asking the right questions and searching the right marketplaces. Reputable handymen can be found through online postings, friends and family, bulletin boards, and repair/hardware stores. To find a handyman online, the following work platforms are recommended:

When a potential handyman is found, it’s important that he or she has several positive reviews (if found online), is able to be contacted beforehand, and is forthcoming about pricing and similar topics.

Handyman Salary and Hourly Pay ($/hr)



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