Cell Phone Repair Invoice Template

A cell phone repair invoice catalogs the services and parts that were provided to a client’s cell phone in a comprehensive bill that is either sent or provided to them upon the completion of said services. Cell phone repair companies operate through both physical locations open for walk-ins from the public as well as online marketplaces, where customers can order a service from the site and ship their cell phone to a designated address. In addition to repairing cell phones, some repair businesses off services for other smaller electronics, such as tablets, gaming consoles, computers, cameras, and portable music players.

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Cost of Common Cell Phone Repairs

Depending on the size of the repair shop, the turnaround on the repair, the complexity of what needs to be done, and the experience of the technician, cell phone repair costs can range considerably. For reference as to the cost of certain phone repairs, the following are prices collected from CellularZoneUS:

  • Apple Repairs
    • New OEM LCD
      • iPhone 7 ~$110
      • iPhone 8 ~ $120
      • iPhone 8+ ~ $150
      • iPhone X ~ $250
    • Battery
      • iPhone 7 ~ $40
      • iPhone 8 ~ $80
      • iPhone 8+ ~ $60
      • iPhone X ~ $70
  • Samsung Repairs
    • Cracked Glass
      • Galaxy S7 ~ $80
      • Galaxy 8 ~ $90
      • Galaxy 8+ ~ $100
      • Galaxy Note 8 ~ $130
    • Charging Port
      • Galaxy S6 ~ $50
      • Galaxy S7 ~ $70
      • Galaxy S7 Edge ~ $80
      • Galaxy Note 5 ~ $60

The prices alluded to above are not averages, but can be used as a reference for phone repair shops and consumers in seeing how a quoted price compares to the prices above.

Cell Phone Technician Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $32,606/yr (source: glassdoor)

Hourly rate: $11.37/hr (source: PayScale)

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