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Mechanic Invoice Template

The mechanic invoice is for the servicing or repair of any type of automobile, boat, motorcycle, or any type of vehicle with an engine. If the mechanic is a freelancer, then the invoice will typically just be labor and minimal materials or parts. Although, if the mechanic is part of a body or collision shop then major parts may be included as part of the total amount due. Upon the mechanic completing the repair, the invoice should be paid before giving back access to the vehicle.

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Mechanic Definition

A mechanic is an individual that has a specific skill in working with machinery and understands it very well. Like a doctor that specializes in a particular body part, mechanics too work in the same way specializing in a certain part that fits into a larger piece of equipment. Then you have the mechanics that know how all the particulars of an industry flow together. It’s not necessary for a mechanic to have had a formal education in their profession. Often times, mechanics start at a young age and master their trade over time by trial and error. Depending on their trade, some mechanics are required to have a certification before they are allowed to work.

How to Become a Mechanic

Step 1 – Getting Certified

Mechanics, in most cases, need to be certified. Certifications can be obtained by taking a class offered by a school or direct training from a manufacturer. Depending on the equipment and the technology it contains, there may be a need for constant recertification every year (this is typically the case for car mechanics).

Step 2 – Finding the Right Tools

Every mechanic is dependant on their tools. Tools are not cheap, as cheap tools usually do not work. Mechanics can often spend thousands of dollars on tools. Mechanics should only acquire tools that they absolutely need. For this reason, tools and workstations should be first leased or provided by the employer until the mechanic has an idea for the tools he or she absolutely needs.

Step 3 – Secure a Job

Find a job shouldn’t be hard once a mechanic is certified. There are thousands of all over the world in the aircraft, automotive and boat industry that need mechanics, even if they are new to the industry.

  • Find a Wrench – A website that helps shops and mechanics connect to one another in the automotive world.
  • Aviation Job Search – Listing available mechanic jobs in the United States.
  • Indeed – Shows a current list of jobs for boat mechanics in the US.

Mechanic Salary

Mechanics usually first start out getting paid by the hour. Once they start to master their trade, a mechanic is switched to a flat rate pay structure. When given a job, the manufacturer states how long it normally takes for the job to get done. Under a flat-rate pay structure, if a job is quoted to take 8 hours to complete and the mechanic does it in 4 hours, the mechanic is still paid for 8 hours of work.

Hourly Rate: $21.02

Salary: $43,730
(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, based on the mean hourly and annual wages)



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