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Staffing Agency Invoice Template

A staffing agency invoice is a form used by both large and small staffing agencies (also known as recruiting firms) for billing business clients for filling one (1) or more open job positions. Unlike a temp agency, staffing agencies typically focus on providing long-term employees for companies, although they often provide a wide range of positions depending on the client’s needs.

What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency is a type of company that matches employees with businesses that need employees for a one-time project or for the long-term. Companies that make use of staffing agencies take out the need for finding, screening, and hiring employees themselves. Employees hired from agencies often have a percentage of their hourly rate paid directly to the agency. Rates hover anywhere from twenty-five percent (25%) to seventy-five percent (75%). This way is the most common and is often preferred by employees since they are not affected by the agency’s cut  (the hiring company pays the excess in salary).

Position Types

Hiring agencies typically recruit for three (3) general types of positions. These are:

  • Temporary
    • Positions for temporary workers often have a predetermined beginning and end date. They are used for one-time projects and companies with seasonal increases in orders/customers (think of retail shops during the holidays). During the job, the employee(s) are still full employees of the hiring agency.
  • Temp-to-hire
    • Companies that are looking to hire an employee to fill a long-term position, but aren’t in a rush to do so, will often request a temp-to-hire employee. This allows the company to “feel out” the employee to see if he or she is a good fit for their culture and expectations. During the in-between period, the employee remains a full-time employee of the staffing agency.
  • Direct Hire
    • A direct hire position is when an employee is hired on as full-time from the get-go. Once they are hired, the staffing agency’s role is finished. In these cases, the agency can be viewed as a recruiter since the employee doesn’t belong to the hiring agency’s staff.
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