Additional (Extra) Work Order Template

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The additional work order is for any additional line items or requests that have been made to an original work order. If binding, the additional work should be outlined, in detail, and signed by both the contractor and customer. The additional work order may be used for any extra goods, materials, services, or labor that is requested by the client and approved by the contractor.

Additional Work Order Details

An additional work order, also referred to as a change order, add details to an already existing work order in queue. It can also be used to cancel an existing work order to supersede in its place. Additional work orders are commonplace on construction jobs, as changes happen quite frequently. Before a work order can go forth, it must be approved by all parties, especially by the one who is financing the order. Specific details should be included to any changes made including the amount, due date, order specifications, or the contract. Possible reasons for a additional work order:

  • Budgeting (cutting costs or if under budget, adding additional improvements)
  • Human error
  • Extending the job’s completion date
  • Adding additional features