Carpet Cleaning Work Order Template

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A carpet cleaning work order is used by a cleaning service to initiate a service request for a customer. A carpet cleaning work order can also be used to change or modify an existing order.

Carpet Cleaning Work Order Details

A carpet cleaning work order is used to help prepare and service a carpet, rug, or upholstery for cleaning. A work order should include a section that allows the service provider to include and give a detailed inspection report. The inspection serves two purposes: (1) measuring the carpet sq ft and grout sealing. (2) Analyzing the carpet for damage that might include pet urine, mildew, stains, and loose carpet. If a carpet cleaning service gives a guarantee of satisfaction, they will need to carefully analyze the carpet to ensure the damages can be restored. If damages are beyond repair, they should be noted in the work order (declined services). Once the carpet is inspected, an estimate should be included in the work order detailing the price per square foot, sealing costs if carpet is loose, and carpet replacement (if any). A carpet cleaning work order should include the following:

  • Customer’s name, address, phone and signature
  • Description of all services and products (cleaning supplies, carpet replacement, tile, grout)
  • Description of work to be completed (including an estimate)
  • Payment (including payment type: Check, Cash, Credit/Debit Card, PayPal)
  • Carpet condition report (typically done during the inspection)