Electrical Service Work Order Template

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An electrical service work order is a document that keeps all of the information regarding an electrical task or project in a single place. The form provides electricians with a means of recording:

  1. The contact information of the client,
  2. What they’ve been requested to do, and
  3. The costs of all products, materials, and labor.

Electrical Service Work Order Details

Electricians, being professional contractors certified to work on jobs ranging from the wiring of homes to massive commercial projects, need a form that can be used for a wide variety of situations. With a digital work order form, electricians can send work orders to clients for approval instantly, reducing downtime and allowing them to focus their time on what matters most. Overall, using a work order brings the following benefits:

  • Provides increased organization to electricians;
  • Makes end-of-year accounting straight-forward;
  • Gives the client clarity on what they’ll be charged; and
  • Serves as proof work was conducted, helping to ensure the electrician will be paid.