Gunsmith Work Order Template

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A gunsmith work order is an official document designed for use by professional gunsmiths and machinists to note repairs, modifications, customizations, and other requests by a customer. The form contains space to note the type, caliber, make, age, and the serial number of the firearm to track each request and to ensure the correct parts are ordered.

Using the Form

After receiving a call, email, or in-person request from a customer, either the owner of the firearm or the gunsmith will complete the form, making sure to specify exactly what the customer is looking to have done.

Because gunsmithing often requires milling or filing to a precise degree, not having the correct information may result in a failed repair. Once the gunsmith records the details into the work order, it should be sent to the customer to ensure all of the requests and specifications are correct, and the quoted price is affordable.

Typically, payment is required upfront – this is especially so if the work is routine where costs are not subject to change. Additionally, having the customer sign off on the form is recommended for liability reasons. At completion, the customer will be contacted to pick up their firearm(s), and given a copy of the work order as well as a receipt.