Handyman Work Order Template

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A handyman work order is a document for part-time and professional handymen that offers as a simple means of scheduling projects and estimating the cost of work as requested by a customer. Depending on the skill of a handyman, they can provide services relating to home-related repairs, product installations, and general tasks.

Using a Handyman Work Order

Regardless of whether a handyman is using a paper or a digital work order, the process for completing one remains the same. Once a handyman is contacted by a customer, they will write down all of the client’s information either during the call or from a received email. The handyman will need to make sure the customer provides them with:

  1. Their name, address, and a means of contact.
  2. The nature of their request (repairing a cabinet, painting, wiring, and so on).
  3. A time that works for them to begin work (unless they state they don’t need to be home while work is done).

The handyman will then enter all of the above information into the work order. All costs relating to the job needs to be estimated, including the amount of labor the handyman believes it will require. While not necessarily required, once an accurate estimate has been formed, the handyman should call the client and inform them of how much they believe the work will cost. Doing this is not only professional, but it also ensures there are no financial surprises for the client once work is finished.