Housekeeping Service Work Order Template

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A housekeeping service work order serves two (2) main purposes: it 1) initiates an official request for cleaning and, 2) it provides the customer with a clear estimate of the costs. The form breaks down what the client is requesting as well as the expense of each sub-task.

Using the Work Order

The work order can be used for the cleaning of residential and commercial properties of all types, from small homes to large-scale office jobs. In order to create a work order that is accurate, it is important that the cleaner in charge heads to the spot of cleaning to make an estimate for each room. While in the space, the cleaner should check the appropriate box next to the types and number of rooms to be cleaned. The tasks should be broken down cost by cost, separating the expenses of labor and materials (if any used). Once entering all other relevant details into the order (contact information of both parties, service address, customer requests, etc.), the cleaner should send the work order to the customer for approval. If they approve of all amounts, they will need to sign the order.

In summary, the following is the process for using the work order:

  1. A cleaning company receives a request for cleaning (regularly or on a one-time basis.)
  2. The work order is completed (with all relevant costs).
  3. The client is given the form for approval.
  4. If approval isn’t given, the parties negotiate until an amount is agreed upon. If it is approved, work begins at a time discussed by the cleaner and client.