Irrigation Service Work Order Template

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An irrigation service work order is a form used in both the landscaping and agriculture professions for scheduling a project or task to begin. The document allows companies to increase their organization and offer a better customer experience. Jobs are arranged by the request they are received (or their importance), finances are established before work begins, and the customer understands exactly what work will be performed.

Irrigation Service Invoice – For charging customers after-the-fact for completed irrigation work.

What to Include in an Irrigation Work Order

Professionals need to ensure they have enough information to complete all tasks as requested. To do so, the work order they use has to be customized to meet their needs. Work orders for irrigation services need to have space for the following information to be recorded:

  • Means of organizing each job
    • Work order / job number
  • How to contact the company
    • Company address
    • Contact details
  • A means of reaching the client
    • Client name
    • Address for work to be performed
    • Billing address (if different than work address)
    • Phone number
    • Email, etc.
  • Work to be performed
    • The exact task(s) required (piping installation, system upgrade, leak repair, etc.)
    • Cost of labor
    • Materials / product cost (if any)
  • Scheduling
    • Work begin date
    • Work end date
    • Worker(s) assigned
  • Approval
    • Signature of the customer and/or manager