IT Work Order Template

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An IT work order is a form used for assigning an IT job to a technician. The document contains information on what the exact request(s) are, how the technician should go about completing them, the start and due dates for the task(s), and an estimate of the total cost the job will cost. For exceptionally large jobs, the lead technician will commonly send the work order to the client for confirmation. Once the client “signs off” on the order, work will officially begin.

How to Use

To use the IT work order, either download the order and complete it by hand or use the free work order maker below to send an order. At a minimum, the technician should include the following in each order:

  • The name + contact method(s) of the client;
  • The equipment/tech they need worked on;
  • The nature of the issue(s) and/or exactly what needs to be fixed or replaced;
  • The cost of each part and/or an estimation of the labor cost;
  • The time + date in which work will begin.