Painting Work Order Template

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A painting work order is a formal estimate used by professional painting companies for the interior and/or exterior painting of a residential home or building. The form organizes all information relating to the project, including the contact information of the business and their customer, what painting tasks were requested to be done, the labor and material costs, and other information relating to the job.

Painting Work Order Details

The work order is one of the most important forms for professional (and part-time) painters due to the organization it provides. Upon receiving a request by a customer, the manager or business owner will complete the form with all relevant details, including the total estimated cost of the project. Once approved by the person requesting the work, the manager will schedule a time for work to begin and assign one (1) or more employees to the job. Upon being completed, the customer will be charged for the price of the job with an invoice, which should be very close to the estimate provided earlier. Overall, the form should record the following details:

  • Contact information of the painting company and customer
  • Address of the property
  • Customer requests
  • Exterior and interior tasks (prep, any repairs, areas to be painted, etc.)
  • Labor and material (paint) costs
  • Signature of the manager and/or customer