Videographer Work Order Template

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A videographer work order is a form for professional videography companies and freelancers that contains the details of an upcoming recording project in a single place. The document can be completed by a production company, business client, or customer looking for a one-time video (for a wedding, for example).

What is a Videographer Work Order?

A videographer work order gives a videography business all the information they need in order to create a professional recording. The exact information required varies from company to company, but, in general, the average videographer needs to have:

  • The location of where filming will take place (if not done in-house);
  • The contact information of the person requesting the shoot;
  • A descriptive paragraph of the nature of the shoot;
  • The shoot start and end dates (and times);
  • The date the work order was created; and
  • Any other special requests for the videographer.

If the form will be completed by someone inside the videography company, information regarding the cost of the shoot (labor + products/materials) should be included in the work order as well. Although details are important, it is not necessary to include assumed/standard information into the shoot description. For example, adding “take down equipment after shooting” to the description is unnecessary since the videographer(s) will do this whether it is included in the project info or not. However, including information on the type of camera lens to use, preferred shooting distance(s), and requests for supplemental lighting should be included.