Embroidery Work Order Template

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An embroidery work order is a document used by businesses to collect information from customers about an order/purchase. The work order can be used for one (1) time orders, large and small batch orders, recurring orders, and other order types.

Embroidery Work Order Details

Companies that offer embroidery services need to provide a work order for their customers in order to collect detailed information about a request before it can be approved. Unlike printed images, embroidery is the act of threading (stitches) in an image or a design on to a piece of clothing, luggage, or other stitchable material. Because embroidery services can be expensive, customers should receive a sample of their order before the work order is approved for final production. An embroidery work order should ask for the following information:

  • Customer’s name, shipping address, and phone number
  • High-quality image of the custom design
  • Pattern type
  • Font type
  • Fabric type
  • Due date