Equipment Work Order Template

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An equipment work order is a document that is used for providing the necessary instructions and details regarding a client’s equipment that they are looking to have repaired, or for specifying the type of equipment they would like to rent. Alternatively, a work order can be used for specifying the details of new equipment a customer is looking to purchase, in which case it would contain the specs of the equipment they are looking to have manufactured.

Equipment Work Order Details

An equipment work order is typically served in two ways; (1) Given to a customer that is seeking to rent equipment for a limited period of time, or (2) used to gain information about a piece of equipment or tool that a customer is looking to repair or have manufactured. An equipment work order entails the following:

  • Name of the equipment manufacturer, make, class, and model.
  • Amount of time to rent or fix (start date and end date).
  • Price to rent (daily, weekly, monthly) or fix.
  • Specifications.
  • Quantity.