Lab Work Order Template

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A lab work order is used by medical professionals when drawing blood and processing samples for testing, research or study.

Lab Work Order Details

A lab work order can be used for any type of work or researched performed in a lab, however it is most often associated with blood work being performed on a patient. Specifically, a lab work order is used once blood has already been drawn from the patient and labeled. The work order is created when the labeled blood, usually contained within tubes, arrives at the laboratory. The label on the tube should contain all the information necessary to complete a lab work order. The work order is finished once all the results have come back (either positive or negative) and returned to the patient.

Fasting for Lab Work

It’s required to “fast” (which is the act of not eating or drinking anything besides water) before doing a complete blood test in order to get accurate results. This must be done at least 12 hours before the test is scheduled. It’s the only way to get an accurate reading on the human body in its most natural state. If fasting is not followed properly before lab work (blood work), inaccurate results are the most likely outcome – which can be dangerous if a false diagnosis is given.