Cell Phone Repair Work Order Template

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A cell phone repair work order is used to collect information about a customer’s cell phone (or gadget) that is in need of repairs. By collecting this information, a repair service can use the work order to quickly determine the cause and how to fix the problem, along with giving an estimate.

Cell Phone Repair Work Order Details

Work orders for cell phone repairs are mostly used to collect information about the phone’s condition in order to give a quick estimate to the customer. Due to the vast amount of smartphones, tablets and electronic devices, obtaining the exact type of device is very important. For example, a repair service may offer a standard rate for fixing a cracked (broken) screen on an iPhone but may charge a different price for Samsung phones. A cell phone repair work order should ask for the following information:

  • Device Type (Smartphone, tablet)
  • Make (Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, etc.)
  • Series (iPhone, Galaxy, G Series, etc.)
  • Model (7 Plus, S6 Edge, etc.)
  • Color (Black, Silver, Gold, Pink, etc.)

Select Repair

Once all the details of the phone have been given, the customer should be able to easily describe their problem in a few words. Because there are only a few common repairs that come up frequently, a cell phone repair work order should already have common repairs listed for the customer to choose from, as seen below:

  • Broken Screen needs fixing
  • Battery Issues (Phone charges slowly or not at all)
  • Charge Port (Phone not charging when connected)
  • Camera not working
  • Sim Card Slot not working