Church Maintenance Work Order Template

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A church maintenance work order is used by a churchwarden to delegate maintenance and inspections for their church’s property. Once the work order is completed, it should be recorded in the church’s logbook.

Church Maintenance Work Order Details

It’s important to keep a strict and detailed account of any work that is done to a church. More so than most properties, churches are constantly being inspected and checked for safety hazards and routine maintenance. Churches (that are open and operational on a weekly basis) spend a large portion of their budget on maintaining the property. Most churches are inspected at least every five years (called a Quinquennial inspection) and it’s important to have a clear and organized logbook (which is where work orders should be stored) for inspectors to see. Work orders are provided by the church’s churchwarden, and not by the priest as some might think, when hiring contractors to perform maintenance on a church’s interior, exterior and about the churchyard. A church maintenance work order should highlight and address the following:

Weekly or Monthly Church Maintenance

  • Perform safety check in all areas, especially where there is lighting and electrical dangers
  • Clean interior of church
  • Clean exterior for trash
  • Hire contractors to landscape

Yearly Church Maintenance

  • Check exterior for unwanted vegetation growth
  • Service the heating and all A/C units
  • Inspect roof and rain water drains
  • Inspect property for dangers such as over growing tree branches and pot holes

5 Year Church Maintenance

  • Perform a Quinquennial Inspection
  • Inspect electrical system and the church’s logbooks