Computer Repair Work Order Template

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A computer repair work order is a form that is given to tech repair shops and related businesses for formally requesting service to be performed on a desktop or laptop computer. Depending on the company’s structure, work orders can be created by customers, or by managers who speak directly with the techs that conduct the repairs.

What is a Computer Repair Work Order?

A computer repair work order establishes one (1) or more tasks to be completed for a customer’s work or personal laptop. Overall, the order provides three (3) basic functions:

  1. Organizes jobs and tasks to ensure work is done in the order it was received (or by its importance).
  2. Provides a detailed description of any issues/problems with the computer(s), what exactly needs to be done to fix it, and other pertinent info.
  3. Creates a record of the job for accountability and future reference.

In the tech repair industry, the use of digital work orders has overtaken the use of paper orders due to their scalability, their capability to be kept in a central database (and accessible anywhere), and their ability for allowing customers to submit work orders on their own. Front-end programmers can often design a system for allowing customers to state the problem they are experiencing as well as the necessary details regarding their computer. The system will then store the sent work orders in a database, which will be completed in an order determined by the repair company. For companies on the larger end, the more streamlined the work order process, the better their ability to maintain customer satisfaction and reduce the need for hiring additional administrative employees.