Garage Maintenance Work Order Template

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A garage maintenance work order is used by companies to collect information from a home owner that is needing repairs done to their garage door.

Garage Maintenance Work Order Details

A garage maintenance work order will include an inspection checklist, or what is also called a balance test, for the mechanic to fill out when first arriving to the house. Depending on what goes wrong during the balance test, the mechanic should be able to pinpoint the problem and complete the work order with the needed parts and repair instructions. To complete the balance test in the work order, the mechanic will:

  1. Pull the string/lever hanging down from the machine to release the door.
  2. Lift the door to check the weight. If the door can remain halfway open without gravity pushing it down, the door is balanced (which is a good thing).
  3. If the garage door drops, it’s called a “heavy door” and the mechanic will adjust or replace the springs
  4. If the garage door goes up on its own, it’s called a “hot door” and the mechanic will need to adjust the over-wound springs.

After the balance test, the mechanic can begin to perform common tweaks such as oiling the buckles and the rung nuts (wheels that glide the garage door up and down), checking tension in the cables on both sides of the garage door and lastly checking the tension on the chain cable running out from the garage door machine. Cost of all replacements and labor hours worked should be included in the final work order.