Motorcycle Repair Work Order Template

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A motorcycle repair work order is used by individual technicians and repair shops that work on makes and models of motorcycles ranging from cruisers to sport bikes, and everything in between.

What is a Motorcycle Repair Work Order?

Especially in the summer months, motorcycle repair shops can find themselves overwhelmed with the number of customers looking to get their bikes fixed-up and ready to ride. Work orders help to provide that jobs are completed in the order they’re received, technicians have all the information they need to complete each task, customers know exactly what they’re paying for, and records are kept for all accounting purposes. In general, the work order process for repair shops is:

  1. A customer calls requesting for work to be done [or] schedules a time to have a tech look at their bike to figure out what needs to be done. If the client knows exactly what they want (an oil change, for example), the work order will be completed directly after the call. If not;
  2. The customer brings in their motorcycle and the issue is identified. The client is called and told the situation with their motorcycle and the estimated total cost. If the client gives the green light for work, a certified tech (typically a manager) writes up a work order (with their signature) that specifies all the information on what needs to be done and the costs of all labor and parts.
  3. On the start date that the work order specifies, the tech(s) begin work on the motorcycle (and potentially finish in the same day). Once the work has been completed, the technician working on the bike will sign-off on the form, which is an official statement that the work is finished. The client is then given an invoice for the total bill.