Pool / Hot Tub Repair Work Order Template

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A pool and hot tub repair work order is used by pool service technicians to record information regarding the installation, maintenance, treatment, opening, or closing of a pool. The form gives customers a means of scheduling one-time and routine maintenance, and provides a detailed record of what work has been done to the pool or hot tub.

About the Work Order

Pool and hot tubs require consistent maintenance to avoid unexpected issues and to ensure the water is safe for swimming. With a work order, the customer can select the service options they would like performed, the number of times a week/month they would like the service done (if applicable), and give a detailed description of their pool and its requirements to get an accurate price from the service company. It’s recommended that an additional page is provided to allow customers to specify the times and dates they would like to have work performed. Once the work order is given to the service business, they will approve the order, or call the customer to find times that work better for them.

Pool Opening & Closing Checklists

One of the most common types of services that need to be performed is the opening and closing of pools/hot tubs. This is especially so for climates that experience freezing temperatures, as the water will be sitting for a considerable amount of time without people using it. The following is a checklist for re-opening pools and hot tubs:

  1. Remove all covers
  2. Skim all objects from the pool surface
  3. Assemble parts and systems that were removed before winter (ladders, diving boards, and so on)
  4. Fill the pool with water (most pools lose a few inches during the winter)
  5. Turn on the water pump, heater, and cleaning system
  6. Install filters
  7. Balance the water with Ph modifiers & test strips
  8. Shock the pool with chlorine and other treatment chemicals

Likewise, for closing a pool before winter, be sure to complete the following steps:

  1. Balance the Ph
  2. Shock the pool (w/ a minimum of 65% sodium hypochlorite)
  3. Add an algaecide + clean the pool with skimmer and vacuum
  4. Remove all equipment (filter included) and let dry
  5. Winterize all plumbing (blow lines & add antifreeze)
  6. Cover the pool