Truck (Heavy) Maintenance Work Order Template

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A truck maintenance work order is a document given to a mechanic or technician that contains a detailed plan on how maintenance and/or repair tasks will be completed on a commercial vehicle. The types of vehicles that can be classified as heavy-duty are broad; a few of which can include eighteen-wheelers, tractors, dump trucks, cement trucks, and box trucks.

What is a Truck Maintenance Work Order?

A heavy truck maintenance work order gives the mechanics and technicians responsible for maintaining and repairing heavy-duty vehicles with clear instructions for the work they need to perform on a given truck. The work order commonly follows a work request, which is a form completed by a non-technician that works for the repair shop after receiving information from the customer. The work request will then be given to a managerial technician, who will take information from the form and create a detailed work order.

In the work order, the tech manager will assign the job to one (1) or more technicians, break down exactly what needs to be done, include both the work start date and end dates (and possibly times), a description of the vehicle to be serviced (make, model, year, VIN, etc.), list the parts/materials that will need to be used for the job and their cost(s), and sign the form. Once received, the mechanic(s) will begin their work, noting anything out of the ordinary on the form, or on an additional form that will be attached to the original work order. Upon finishing the job, the lead mechanic will sign-off on the order, officially marking the job as complete.