Staffing Agency Work Order Template

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A staffing agency work order is used by small and large businesses to request job placements for one to several open positions. The work order organizes all the information of the business client’s request, which includes the role(s) required, the type of employee(s) needed (part-time, salaried, etc.), and other important details.

Use a staffing/recruitment agency invoice to bill business clients after-the-fact for positions already filled.

Recruiting vs. Staffing

A common misconception is that the acts of recruiting and staffing are one and the same. While both terms refer to finding and hiring employees, recruiting refers to finding employees for more long-term roles, whereas staffing typically implies the hiring of more short-term positions. Having said, both terms are used interchangeably in the majority of cases.

About the Staffing Agency Work Order

Staffing agencies, also called “employment agencies,” connect unemployed professionals with organizations that have job positions they need to fill. Agencies remove the need for companies to have an entire team dedicated to the hiring process, allowing them to focus on matters more important to their business. Agencies are a service to businesses specifically – while they (typically) allow people to submit their resumes, their job is not to find people jobs, but to assist the companies paying for the service. The work order comes in handy by allowing a business to clearly outline the positions they need to fill, giving the hiring agency a means to begin working on finding promising candidates for the job. Work orders used for staffing agencies should include the following information:

  • Contact information of the business client
  • The positions that need to be filled + how many of each
  • How long each position type is needed (long term, project-based, etc.)
  • When the client needs to have the position(s) filled by

After receiving the order, the agency will figure out the cost of the client’s request and write it onto the work order. After the client receives the full cost, they can approve of the job by signing their name onto the work order and sending it back to the hiring agency. At this point, the work order will be complete, and the staffing agency will start the hiring process.