T-Shirt Work Order Template

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A t-shirt work order is an estimate provided to a business or an individual for an order of custom t-shirts. Upon the buyer approving the sales price, design, fabric, quantity, and shipping, the custom t-shirt order will begin processing. In most cases, the buyer will make the purchase on the t-shirts at the time of approving the order. Otherwise, the buyer will be invoiced upon receiving the completed order.

T-Shirt Work Order Details

A t-shirt work order should encompass all the details needed in order to allow a customer to create a fully customized t-shirt or bulk order. The following needs to be required in a t-shirt work order:

  • Customer’s address, phone, and email
  • Ability for the customer to submit an image or artwork
  • Shirt Style
  • Shirt Color
  • Ink Color
  • Font Name and Size
  • Size (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • Price per Shirt
  • Total Amount

Payment Method

To complete an order, a t-shirt work order should provide a means for the customer to make payment while stating if the payment has been completed including a due and delivery date.