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A social media marketing invoice is a billing document used for the pre or post collection of payment from an individual or business for the providing of social media marketing services. Freelance social media marketers and agencies can charge for their services on an hourly rate, as a single project cost, a monthly fee, or by a retainer. In addition to listing the costs of the work performed, having an invoice that allows for detailed notes, the due date of the payment, and any essential contact information is imperative for maintaining a professional appearance to clients.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is an area of internet marketing that focuses on sharing text and image posts on internet social platforms to reach out to a wide or focused demographic of people to increase a business’ presence (and ultimately sales or leads) online. A social media marketer is an expert in getting people talking about their posts, which they achieve through in-depth research and planning.

Types of Social Media Platforms

For some companies, offering a select few services on one or two platforms may be the best option; for others, offering a wide breadth of marketing options can allow them to acquire a full, diverse set of clientele. Regardless of the exact type of marketing strategy offered, understanding the different types of social media platforms is essential for freelance and agency marketers. According to Biteable, the services most common types of social media are the following:

  • Social Networking Sites – Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn
  • Social Review Sites – TripAdvisor, Yelp, & Angie’s List
  • Image Sharing Sites – Snapchat, Instagram, Imgur, & Pinterest
  • Video Hosting Sites – Youtube & Vimeo
  • Community Blogs – Tumblr & Medium
  • Discussion Sites – Reddit & Quora
  • Sharing Economy Networks – AirBnB & Rover

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