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Freelance Graphic Designer Invoice Template

A freelance graphic designer invoice allows an independent graphic designer to request payment for services rendered after a freelance job is completed.

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What Does a Freelance Graphic Designer Do?

A freelance graphic designer is typically a person that has the desire to become a graphic designer professionally but has yet to make a livable income. Starting out in freelance allows a graphic designer to get a sense of the market and enables them to pave way for their business model. Freelance graphic designers are typically talented people that simply wish to be their own boss. There is an ever growing market for freelancers of all kinds, especially graphic designers. Freelancers take on jobs at a discounted rate in order to get work and to build their resume.

A freelance graphic designer is known for doing the following:

  • Creating logos
  • Designing Flyers
  • Game Design
  • Illustrations
  • Book covers
  • Business Cards
  • Web and mobile design
  • And much more…

Helpful Tip: Use an invoice to bill clients before or after a project is completed. If requiring payment upfront, include a satisfaction guarantee or language that allows the customer to make revisions to the graphic design at no extra cost when delivered.

Freelance Graphic Designer Salary

There is not any data available for graphic designers working in the freelance market because there is simply no way to track it. The income for a freelance graphic designer depends on a variety of factors including: work ethic, rates, and their overall business plan. Below is data based on graphic designers that are employed with steady jobs.

PercentileHourly RateAnnual Salary
Bottom 10% $14.23 $29,610
Bottom 25% $18.06 $37,550
Median 50% $24.21 $50,370
Top 75% $31.87 $66,300
Top 90% $41.23 $85,760
(Source: BLS)



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