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A virtual assistant (VA) invoice is a document that formally establishes the virtual services that were rendered on an hourly basis for the purpose of collecting payment from employers, who typically consist of small businesses and busy entrepreneurs and executives. Virtual assistants, being remote workers (not bound to an office or location), sending invoices electronically is essential; coupled with the fact that it displays professionalism and improves turnaround time for receiving payment – it should be seen as a necessity.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a remote worker responsible for assisting a small to medium-sized business, executive, or entrepreneur with daily tasks such as emails, booking reservations, setting up schedules, managing social media, entering data, conducting customer support, and essentially any other organization or social related task.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

For those that strive for the freedom that working remotely provides, becoming a virtual assistant can not only be financially rewarding, but can manifest itself as meaningful work, allowing businesses to thrive and giving professionals time to focus on what matters most. For becoming an independent contractor entry-level virtual assistant, the path one can take is highly variable. Although one size does not fit all, those interested in the career path should consider the following when entering the business:

Create a website – Creating a website is highly recommended for appearing professional to prospective hirees. Additionally, a website can be used to showcase testimonials from prior clients, a list of services that are available, areas in which the assistant has specialties, rates, and contact information. To go a step further, virtual assistants can use their website as a blog, creating helpful, informative posts about relevant topics related to business, organization, and other topics for the purpose of getting seen by potential employers.

Get on work platforms – There are several websites that new virtual assistants can apply for work. Upwork is a very popular platform that allows freelancers to set their own rates and create an account page for displaying rates and other pertinent information. Other websites for applying to open jobs include FlexJobs, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Craigslist.

Network + Social Media – Creating business social media accounts can further exemplify the VA’s professionalism. Additionally, getting into contact other VAs can open the door to recommendations and leads with high paying companies that wouldn’t typically be found through Upwork.

Virtual Assistant Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

For independent VAs, looking at the average rates charged across the profession can serve as guiding points for setting their own prices. However, the averages should be used for only that – as the education and experience of the VA, the type of assistant work being offered, and the time dedicated to working all impact the rates and yearly income that can be earned.

The average salary and hourly rates for VAs are the following:

Salary: $32,718/yr (source: glassdoor)

Hourly Rate: $15.69/hr (source: PayScale)