Web Hosting Invoice Template

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A web hosting invoice is for a service that stores files located on a server available on the internet. In most cases, a web hosting company will provide this service on a recurring basis, usually monthly, and send an invoice stating the amount due. The invoice should be paid by the customer within fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days or else their service may be terminated which would impact the website’s availability.

What is Web Hosting?

When a person buys a domain name and wants to create a website with it, they will need to buy web hosting in order to make the domain available on the world wide web (internet). All the content and files on the domain will be stored (saved) within the hosting account. It is not possible for a website to be “live” or accessible to the internet without purchasing web hosting. Web hosting can be paid by the month (monthly) or all at once (annually), which is cheaper. The quality of a website’s hosting is very important because the better the hosting, the faster a website will be. Typically out of convenience, people buy web hosting with the same company where they bought their domain. For example, a person that buys a $9.99 domain from Godaddy will  buy a cheap shared hosting account also with Godaddy.

2-Types of Web Hosting

Shared Servers – Hosting accounts that are pooled together on the same server. Good for domains that receive little traffic and don’t need lots of storage for content. Shared hosting is cheaper and it can be a good start for websites in the beginning stage. ($3 to $10 dollars per month)

Dedicated Servers – Allows for just one client and their associated websites to be stored and run on a server solely for their use. Dedicated servers are typically more expensive and are faster at handling websites with large traffic volume and storage. ($70 to $800 per month)

Best Web Hosting

If a website is running smoothly (no downtime) and fast on a consistent basis, there should be no concern with the web hosting it is on. Because most people are not tech-savvy, they settle for hosting plans that are either too expensive for their use case or they are using a hosting plan that is not sufficient enough to keep up with the memory or traffic size of the website. When switching to a better hosting provider, all it takes is changing the namespace server and zone files associated with the domain name. When it comes to price, having a dedicated server is not always the best option to having the best web hosting. Using a shared hosting plan will work just the same.

As webmasters become more worried about ranking on search engines, they think they need the best and most expensive web hosting to achieve this feat. Use the following references below that best suits your needs.

Top Picks for Cheap Web Hosting PlansGodaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost and inMotion.

#1 for Dedicated Servers – Amazon (AWS)