Doctor (Physician) Invoice Template

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A doctor (physician) invoice is used by licensed practitioners when calculating a patient’s payment, deductible, or copay before a patient receives treatment.

What is a Doctor Invoice?

Doctors of all types have a special way of collecting payments from their patients. When a patient walks into a doctor’s office, the first question asked is about their health insurance. If the patient does have health insurance, the next step is figuring out the patient’s deductible or co-pay. Once this information is processed, doctors can then write up an invoice on the spot and demand payment. The patient must pay this invoice before they can receive treatment. After the treatment is finished, the patient will receive another invoice that their health insurance provider must pay. Any of the following doctors, while not limited to, may use this invoice as a means to collect payment:

  • Medical Doctor
  • Primary
  • Allergy
  • Heart
  • Homeopathic
  • Knee
  • Skin
  • Sports
  • General

Verify a Licensed Practitioner

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Doctor (Physicians) Salary

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