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Storage Unit Rental Invoice Template

A storage unit rental invoice is a document, completed digitally or on paper, detailing the length, size, and cost of a rented storage unit. This invoice can also be used to list items for sale in a storage unit going for auction.

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How Much is a Storage Unit?

Both the type of storage facility, location, and the size of the unit heavily influence the price. The building structure (indoor or outdoor), accessibility (limited hours or 24/7 access), and climate (air conditioning and heat options) also play a factor in the cost.

The three (3) most requested storage unit sizes are 5×5, 5×10, and 10×10. The larger the storage unit, the more expensive it will be.

  • Cost in Small Towns – On average, the cost will be $20-$40 dollars for a 5×10 unit.
  • Cost in Big Cities – On average, the cost can range between $50-100 for a 5×10 unit.

Living in a Storage Unit

Storage units are not suitable for human beings, or any living animal, to occupy. They are not equipped with plumbing nor are they connected to electricity because they are not meant to be habitable. Unfortunately, the demographics of people renting storage units are often those that have been forced onto the street with little to no other living options. Therefore, some people take the risk of sleeping in a storage unit.

If found spending a night or living in a storage unit, the renter will most likely lose the unit and will be forced to take their belongings elsewhere. If children are involved, there could be potential criminal charges brought.

Storage Unit Insurance

It’s standard in the self-storage industry to have mandatory insurance for stored goods, which covers basic losses from fire and theft. If a customer refuses to buy storage unit insurance, they will be denied the storage unit.  Most storage unit facilities offer the unit and the insurance as a package, but customers are free to search for competitive rates elsewhere. Storage unit insurance should be included in the invoice if bought from the same company renting out the unit.



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