Air Conditioner (AC) Repair Invoice Template

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The air conditioner (AC) repair invoice is a billing form used to request payment from a customer who needed service on their car or home air conditioner unit. This invoice can also be used to give a free ac repair estimate to a potential customer.

HVAC Invoice – For more advanced ventilation system maintenance.

Table of Contents

AC Repair Cost

Unlike a light bulb or a shower head, an air conditioning unit isn’t the easiest thing to fix when it’s broken or unable to turn on. Reason being, it could be an electrical issue and/or a faulty part. The reason most AC units break down is due to a faulty capacitor, which looks like a silver soda can with wires running in and out of it and are much easier to fix in home AC units.

Car/Auto AC Repair

Working with a vehicle is much more complex than just regular AC units. With a vehicle, the person performing the repair needs to know the basic components of how a car works which leaves the job for an auto mechanic.

  • Minor Repairs – $400
  • Major Repairs – $800+

What you’ll need to diagnose issues with a Auto AC system:

  • AC Manifold Gauge Set – Able to test the Ac system’s refrigerant, compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and the evaporator.
  • Test Light – Allows a mechanic to test the electrical current going to the controls (dials) of the car’s dashboard. The bulb in the test light will turn on when it senses a current.
  • Multimeter – Tests the resistance in the electrical flow.
  • Alligator Wires/Clips – Test leads that can clamp to ensure good conduction.

Home AC Repair

There are many different types of AC units for a home. There are the large central AC units, which are typically located outside or on the roof. Central AC units are by far the most expensive to repair. Then you have the classic AC units that can be mounted to a window which are more and more going out of style. Better performing units such as the wall mounted and portable AC units which are cheaper to repair.

  • Minor Repairs: $400+
  • Major Repairs including electrical problems: $1000+

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover AC Repair?

Natural wear and tear on your air conditioning unit is not covered by homeowners insurance. If your home is subject to a disaster such as a fire, flood or lightning strike, the AC units within your home would be covered as would all other attachments and personal items.

Air Conditioner Repair Near Me

When using your smartphone, open the Google Maps app. Make sure that you have your location services turned on. This enables the app to locate your position which will easily allow you to search for AC repair companies near you. Within the search bar, type “air conditioner repair near me” to find listings around you. Note: This search will refer you to companies with knowledge about home AC Units, not vehicles. If you are using a desktop computer, go to Google Maps and follow the same procedure.