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A bicycle repair invoice is an official document used by bicycle repair businesses to charge their clients for the parts and labor that was incurred during the repair of a bicycle. Bicycle repair shops can be standalone from other types of bike-related businesses, such as bike retail stores or rental shops, or can serve as a separate section of the bicycle store, offering a one-stop-shop for customers.

What do Bicycle Repair Companies do?

Bicycle repair companies repair, refurbish, and install factory or custom made parts. In addition to servicing, bike repair shops often sell bikes they have repaired on the side. Bike repair technicians typically offer services either in packages with pre-determined prices, at an hourly rate, or a combination of the two depending on the service requested. Trek, a major bicycle manufacturer, offers service packages based upon the number of hours the customer spent on the bicycle following the last time their bike was serviced. The following are Trek’s three (3) major packages:

  • 25-hour Service – Complete washing of the bicycle, lubrication of important parts, and a pre-ride check and inspection.
  • 50-hour Service – Drivetrain lubrication, bike wash, bottom bracket inspection, tightening of fasteners, and the alignment + adjustment of the brakes, shifting mechanisms, headset, and wheel bearings.
  • 100-hour Service – Complete stripping of the bike to the “bare frame.” A few services include the replacement or overhaul of the bearing systems, cables + housing, and the front and rear suspension.

As an example of a company that has their labor prices pre-determined, AJ’s bikes out of Florida has the following service offerings (every service not included):

  • Tune-up – $79.99
  • Deluxe tune-up – $125
  • Single speed tune-up – $50
  • Flat tire fix – $10 (per wheel)
  • Chain replacement – $18
  • Cable replacement – $20

Bicycle Repair Technician Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

Salary: $34,792/yr (source: ZipRecruiter)

Hourly Rate: $12.92/hr (source: PayScale)