Equipment Repair Invoice Template

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A equipment repair invoice is used to bill a customer for services related to the repairing of equipment of all types. The invoice should include the make, model, a description of the repair work, and the total cost of the repair.

What is Equipment Repair?

Equipment repair is typically the performance of after market repair work done to a purchased item. The service person or company performing the repair should have extensive knowledge when it comes to repairing the item. Repairs can be performed by the original seller, however when using an equipment invoice, repairs are often performed by third parties for an equal to less than price. Some of the most common repairs related to equipment are as follows:

  • Lawn Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Exercise/Fitness Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Pool Equipment
  • Audio Equipment
  • Commercial
  • Farm

Use this invoice for repairs to any of the types stated above.

Equipment Repair Near Me

When using a third party service to make a repair to equipment, it’s always best to make your search specific to the type of equipment. For example, if you are looking for repairs specific to medical equipment, use the key work “medical” when typing in your search query to Google or Google Maps. For general repairs, use this Google Maps link to search for equipment repairs near you.