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A garage door repair invoice is sent from a service provider to a homeowner for repairing a garage door part. A garage door repair invoice should include the name of the parts that were repaired, the cost of each replacement part, the cost for the technician’s time (per hour) and the total amount due.

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Garage Door Repair

A garage door needs to be repaired when a garage door stops functioning properly. If a garage door doesn’t open or close on command, it requires service. When a garage door opens and closes without notice, which is usually the sign of a faulty sensor, it too needs repair. Upon an appointment with a service company, they will come out to first perform a safety inspection on your garage door and then will complete a technical diagnostic report to see what is needed to repair the garage door. The technician will arrive with all the common garage door and opener parts, usually being able to fix the problem in a single visit. The most common type of problems with a garage door relates to the springs and the opener. Garage Door Components for Repair:

  • Top Panel Windows – Windows near the top of the garage door that allow light into the garage.
  • Garage Door Opener – Small electric engine that opens and closes the door.
  • Tracks – Secures the wheels attached to the garage door and guides it up and down.
  • Torsion Springs – Takes the weight off of a garage door so it can be lifted with ease. If a spring breaks, the door will be too heavy for the opener to do its job.
  • Sensor – Connected to the garage door opener and receives the signal from the remote control.
  • Cables and Chains – The line that connects the garage door opener to the top of the garage and allows the door to be pulled up and down.


Garage door springs are mostly made in the style of torsion springs, which are located horizontally above the garage door. As the door opens and closes, the springs contract making it easy for the door to be lifted or electronically pulled. Spings are typically good for more than 10,000 open and close cycles. Winding rods and stationary cones should be repaired along with the springs. To replace brand new springs will cost anywhere from $60 – $100 dollars depending on the quality and size of the garage door.


A garage door opener, costing roughly $200 – $300 dollars brand new, is often the culprit of garage door that won’t open or close. It’s a lift power system that uses chain links to lift the door open while using the support from the springs to allow the operator to work. Using a remote, the door can be opened and shut from your vehicle.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

The HomeDepot and Sears will come to your home for a small fee to perform an inspection to see what needs to be done to repair your garage door. Simply enter your zip code on their website to check for availability. Use Google Maps to see local garage door technicians in your area for repair.