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A home repair invoice is used to bill a home or property owner when repairs were made to a residential or commercial property. Common types of home repair include fixing roofs, gutters, appliances, electrical problems, foundation issues, water damage and mold.

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Home Repair Services

Home repair services are performed by a house/home repair contractor that has a general knowledge of how homes are constructed. Those performing such services should be qualified or certified to work on the following items.

  • Electrical
  • Window/Glass
  • Air Conditioner (AC)
  • Foundation
  • Security Systems

Home repair services are especially important for landlords and property managers that are managing real estate. Whether it’s a single-family home or an apartment complex, skilled technicians can come in to perform a tenant turnover to restore a property into rent-ready shape.

Are Home Repairs Tax Deductible?

There are two questions that you must ask yourself when determining if a home repair can be tax-deductible.

Is the home used for personal use or is the home leased to a tenant?

Only property being used as a business (income property) can right-off “home” repairs. A home repair in this case would be considered an expense and expenses can be put towards a deductible. Therefore if your home is being rented annually with a contract or monthly via Airbnb, anytime there is a repair to be made due to wear and tear by use of the tenant, home repairs can be tax deductible.

Was the work done on the home a repair or an improvement?

A repair doesn’t add value to a home. A repair simply restores value that was lost. An improvement on a home, a new pool or roof top for example, gives greater value to the property. It’s important to save all invoices and receipts related to home improvements because if you decide to sell your home, you can take the total cost of improvements and subtract it from the sales price when calculating the taxes on the sale of your home.

Home Repair Near Me

The national department store Sears does home repair, look for a store in your local area. For home and property owners that own multiple properties, you may consider hiring a property management company to handle the day to day operations and repairs of your properties. Lastly, check Google Maps to see a full list of options (companies, handymen, contractors) near you.