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A truck repair invoice is a commercial document created and issued by a truck mechanic, service technician, or repair company issued to the owner of a pick-up truck, semi-trailer truck, or a trucking company.

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Difference between Diesel & Automotive Mechanics

The main separating factors between a diesel mechanic and an automotive mechanic lies is their training and specialties.

Automotive mechanics (and technicians) are trained to have a complete understanding of the mechanical and electrical systems found in gasoline-engined vehicles, typically working on personal cars such as sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and other smaller-scale vehicles. Their clients are often individuals or small business owners requiring work on one (1) or more of their personal or work vehicles.

Diesel mechanics, on the other hand, work with exceptionally large industrial vehicles and equipment, which are more often than not equipped with diesel engines due to the amount of torque the vehicles require. Although the engines operate by a similar combustion principle, diesel engines have considerably different systems and set of parts due to complex fuel systems, high compression ratios, and heavier, more cumbersome parts altogether. Despite the differences between the two types of mechanics, both require an ample amount of training and are required to hold certifications in their respective fields. Additionally, they both regularly work on trucks, the exact type depending on the size and engine of the vehicle they are tasked with working on.

Duties of a Diesel Truck Mechanic / Technician

The average diesel repair mechanic or service technician maintains and repairs large trucks and buses on a regular basis, with their daily tasks routinely consisting of the following:

  • Inspect brake, steering, transmission, and engine systems
  • Follow checklists to ensure every vehicle section is examined
  • Conduct diagnostic testing to troubleshoot mechanical or electrical problems
  • Execute basic care and maintenance, such as oil changes and tire replacements.
  • Replace and repair essential parts and systems
  • Test-drive customer’s vehicles to ensure they run correctly

Diesel & Automotive Mechanic Salaries & Hourly Rates ($/hr)

Diesel Mechanics

  • Salary: $47,350/yr
  • Hourly Rate: $22.76/hr

Automotive Mechanics

  • Salary: $40,710/yr
  • Hourly Rate: $19.57/hr

(source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)