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Air Conditioning Service Invoice Template

An air conditioning service invoice is a post-service bill that is issued for the repair, installation, and routine maintenance of air conditioning systems. Technicians issue the document to collect payment for services rendered to both business and residential customers.

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What is an Air Conditioning Technician?

An air conditioning (AC) technician is a hands-on worker that ensures commercial and residential air-cooling systems are in working order by means of part installation, replacement, or fabrication. An AC technician’s work is a subset of HVAC, which stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Although HVAC technicians work on a variety of machines, AC technicians focus solely on units that clean and cool air. In invoices, technicians include the parts, materials, or cost of any unit(s) installed in addition to the amount of labor it took to install said parts or units.

AC technicians may work as freelancers or for AC companies. For those looking to enter the AC repair field, the classes taken will typically be focused on HVAC as a whole.

Air Conditioning Services + Prices

For AC technicians starting a freelance career or for established businesses looking for a reference point for how to price their services, the following list was compiled by cross-comparing the average AC repair prices published by both Angie’s List and improvenet.

  • Refrigerant leak detection + repair
    • Low: $200
    • High: $1600
  • AC recharge
    • Low: $160
    • High: $750
  • Circuit board replacement
    • Low: $100
    • High: $600
  • Replacement thermostat
    • Low: $60
    • High: $250
  • Drain Line Flush
    • Low: $75
    • High: $250
  • Air compressor replacement
    • Low: $1350
    • High: $2300

The wide range in prices is due to the time it takes the technician, the quality of the replacement parts, and the age and size of the AC unit. The terms of the payment can be set up to be immediate, after a certain number of days, or by a specific date.

How Often Should Air Conditioners be Serviced?

Regular maintenance of air conditioning systems can prevent costly repairs further down the road. According to Angie’s List, air conditioning systems should be cleaned a minimum of once (1) per year to ensure efficiency and reduce the likelihood of it requiring costly service later on. This typically includes removing built-up dust and debris, inspecting the unit, and replacing its air filter.

Air Conditioning Technician Salary & Hourly Pay ($/hr)

Salary: $50,251 / yr*

Hourly Rate: $18.41 / hr*

(*source: PayScale)



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