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A babysitting invoice is a formal bill given to parents, guardians, and caretakers on behalf of a babysitter or nanny for the time taken to watch and take care of their children. The official document contains a list of the hours dedicated to caretaking as well as an hourly rate ($/hr) charged by the sitter. The typical tasks and responsibilities babysitters are entrusted with include cooking, reading to the children, playing games, putting the children to bed, and providing that they only watch and play-with media that is pre-approved by the parent(s).

Table of Contents

Courses & Certifications

According to a study conducted by, one (1) in every three (3) parents would pay high rates for babysitters that have comparable certifications as to state-mandated certifications required of preschool teachers. Furthermore, the same study found that sixty-six percent (66%) of parents would pay a babysitter more (than the average) if they have received safety training. Courses can be found both online and through local postings. The following are two (2) popular options:

  • American Red Cross
    • Online
      • Cost: $40
      • Recommended age: Eleven (11) years old and up
      • Course length: ~ Four (4) hours
    • In-Person
      • Cost: $65-$100 +
      • Recommended age: Eleven (11) to fifteen (15) years of age
      • Course length: ~ Six (6) hours
  • SafeSitter
    • In-Person (Safe Sitter Essentials)
      • Cost: ~$50
      • Recommended age: Grades six (6) through (8)
      • Course length: ~ Five and a half (5.5) hours
    • In addition to the essentials class, Safe Sitter offers a class with CPR (6.5 hours long), and an “Expanded” class that includes the CPR training as well as additional instruction, in an eleven (11) hour course.

For certifications, those looking to babysit should be certified by the Red Cross or the American Heart Association in CPR/AED. Not only does the knowledge give babysitters more confidence in the event of an emergency, but parents are also more likely to pay babysitters and nannies with the certification a higher hourly rate.

Salary & Hourly Rate ($/hr)

To give babysitters with a strong understanding of the rate they should charge for their babysitting services, created a calculator that allows babysitters to input their ZIP code, years of experience, the number of children they are taking care of, and the number of hours a week they work to output a recommended hourly rate to charge. The average rates for babysitting services can be found below.