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Language Translation Invoice Template

The language translation invoice is for any type of service where an interpreter is needed to transcribe verbal, written and physical (sign) communication. Issue this invoice to request payment for future or past language translation services.

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What is Language Translation?

Language translation is the act of converting one language to another language with precise fluency. Language translation can be executed by an individual that can fluently speak (or write) two or more languages. It can also be done electronically with a computer. However, a computer can’t always translate correctly. This is due to the various geographical accents and slangs that most languages possess and are difficult for computers to discern. The third way language can be translated is through sign language, which is the use of an individual’s hands to express language to another person who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Free Language Translators

  • Sign Language TranslatorFuntransaltions has a great website that translates text to images that show the correct way to make hand signals and in the order that they need to be shown.
  • Language Translator App – Google’s translation app, Google Translate (Web, iOS, Android), is the best system available. With it, you can translate text, documents, and images with text.

Top-Requested Language Translations

The languages of countries that encounter a large amount of tourism also tend to be the most requested. The most popular languages that one will likely find openings for translation work are as follows:

  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. Chinese
  4. Italian
  5. German
  6. Russian

How to Add Language Translation to Your Website

It does not take thousands of dollars to add a feature so that users can translate the primary language on your website. All it takes is a simple plugin to add language translation to your site. If you do not know how to use your website nor how to use WordPress or plugins, you will need to hire a developer or someone with sufficient knowledge of plugins.

Step 1 – Go to the Plugins page within your WordPress website and select “Add Plugin”.

Step 2 – In the search field, enter the text “Polylang”. If it doesn’t appear, go the official WordPress plugin page for Polylang, which will allow you to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site.

Step 3 – Install and activate the plugin for use.

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