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Embroidery Work Order Template

An embroidery work order is used to allow businesses who have machinery or the know-how to create custom embroidery designs, the ability to collect information from customers about their purchase.

Embroidery Work Order Details

Companies who offer embroidery services need to provide a work order for their customers in order to collect detailed information about a request before it can be approved. Unlike printed images, embroidery is the act of threading (stitches) an image or a design on to a piece of fabric. Because embroidery services can be expensive, customers should receive a sample of their order before the work order is approved for final production.

A embroidery work order should ask for the following information:

  • Customer’s name, shipping address, and phone number
  • Image of custom design
  • Pattern type
  • Font type
  • Fabric type
  • Due date
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