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Event Work Order Template

An event work order is used to collect information from a customer in order to meet their requirements when making a reservation to host an event. If the work order is approved, a rental agreement is typically signed to complete the transaction.

Event Work Order Details

An event work order is supplied by a property owner, company or institution (such as a school) that has control over a space that is suitable for holding events. The work order should be tailored to the specifics of the event space and include the type of amenities that the event space offers.

Use this checklist to ensure you have the following information in your event work order:

  • Event Overview – The first section of your event work order should ask for the Event Name, Type (lecture, speaking event, graduation, etc), Dates, Start and End Times, Expected Attendance, and the Main Contact information of the person paying for the event.
  • Facilities Offered – The second step is to list the type of facilities and amenities that your event space offers, such as a speaker system, projector, heating, air conditioning, parking etc.
  • Food – List whether food can be cooked on site or if catering is the only option.
  • Public Safety – Ask if security in needed, as with large events and events that include distinguished people may need protection.
  • Schedule – Ask for a breakdown of the event schedule (typically done by the hour or half hour).
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