Security Guard Invoice Template

A security guard invoice is for any contractor or company offering protection services for individuals, private property, or a business. Depending on the type of security hired, the guard may have a concealed-carry license or similar qualification to handle firearms. The invoice is commonly calculated by the hour ($/hr) with any fees for overtime in the chance of surveillance services being provided.

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What Does a Security Guard Do?

A security guard may be hired for surveillance, protection, and for controlling access to a property. A security guard is typically employed by a company that provides training and know-how to handle any type of situation they may encounter. A security guard’s primary duty is to provide safety, constantly assess the situation, and report events to the proper authorities.

Types of Security Guards

There are eight (8) main types of security guards:

  • Armed – Those carrying a firearm. The guard may also carry handcuffs, mace (spray), baton, or any other type of weapon legal to protect oneself.
  • Bank/Financial – Armed guards are preferred when the handling and transporting of currency or other highly valuable assets.
  • Bodyguard – Protection services for high-profile individuals.
  • Corporate – Verifying entrance to individuals on the property and processing guests.
  • Crowd Control – For concerts, athletic events, or other functions. To provide safety to the attendees.
  • Industrial/Warehouse – For the monitoring of property mostly viewing surveillance cameras.
  • Retail – Provide protection from theft of goods sold on the premises and to protect from property damage. In some cases, to provide protection after hours.
  • Unarmed – Not carrying a firearm but may have a baton, handcuffs, or other protection.

Do Security Guards Need to be Licensed?

Yes. All security guards must be licensed in the state they are employed. The application process consists of an individual completing the state minimum mandatory training (usually 8 to 20 hours) and an FBI background check (complete Form I-783). The applicant will send their processed FBI background check, application fee (made to the “Secretary of State”), and any other credentials to await processing. The security guard will most likely receive training by their employer for 2 to 8 weeks.

Can Security Guards Carry a Firearm?

Yes. Security guards are allowed to carry a weapon without a license unless the individual will be concealing the firearm or carrying it while off-duty. If so, a concealed-carry license is required in addition to the security guard license required by the state.

Security Guard Salary & Hourly Pay ($/hr)

  • Salary: $35,830/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Rate: $17.23/hr (source: BLS)